Monday, June 29, 2009

Wendy Arleene Barrett Buchanan

Hola, eres un adulto joven? Pues si lo eres, estas en una de las mejores etapas de crecimiento dentro de tu vida en la iglesia, es cuando realmente comienzas a entender como se manejan los ministerios, los cánones, los sacramentos y todas esas cosas de las cuales has escuchado hablar desde que eras un niño o niña y adolescente y ahora durante este gran evento como lo es la tan esperada Convención General de nuestra iglesia conocerás a fondo como se toman decisiones dentro de la jerarquía de nuestra iglesia y al mismo tiempo tendrás oportunidad de conocer a seres humanos maravillosos que sienten como tu, que tiene ganas de servir al Señor como tu, que lo aman como tu, y que quieren buscar nuevas formas de hacerlo como tu.

Personas que saben de tu necesidad quieren compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias contigo por medio de talleres, momentos de oración y adoración y momentos de recreación.

Te aseguro no te arrepentirás, te lo digo por experiencia propia, soy Wendy Arleene Barrett Buchanan de la Diócesis de Honduras y me encantaría que tu también pudieras vivir esta experiencia.

Rosie Dickson

I'm Rosie Dickson and will be travelling from Scotland to join everyone at the Young Adult Festival. I'm a student nurse at Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen and have just completed my second year of training. A good friend of mine suggested I join her at the YAF because I was involved in the International Anglican Youth Network's presence at last years Lambeth Conference in Canterbury. While there I met some wonderful Christians from across the world and hope to do the same this summer in Anaheim. I love the diversity of the Episcopal Church and think it is wonderful to have such a big event specifically for "the youth" running alongside the General Convention. I look forward to the discussions that will be had, the friendships that will be and most of all the fellowship shared with those from across the USA and the world.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rebecca Greenlee, IL

I am Rebecca Greenlee, from the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois. I am a senior in Comparative Literature and French at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am very excited about the festival because I went to Gather in Estes Park, CO and it was an amazing experience. There is nothing more refreshing and fantastic than a bunch of Episcopalians together to discuss the church, and life in general. It is amazing to see so many different people traveling from around the nation and world to work for the same goals, and a brilliant way to make new friends that inevitably last, while expanding our minds and opportunities. And I must say, I am incredibly fond of the Episcopal church.

Doug Hexel, NY

I'm Doug Hexel and I'm originally from Poughkeepsie, NY.  I'm a Senior at the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Cadet-in-Charge of the West Point Canterbury Club.  I also attended Gather 2008 out in Colorado in December.  I made a lot of great friends out there and got some new perspectives on life.  I'm looking forward to a similar experience.  I'm also looking forward to the Reception by the President of the House of Deputies.  Thanks.


We've asked all the Young Adult Festival participants to send in a quick introduction and what they're excited about at the festival & GC2009! Keep posted to see who's going to be showing up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Resource

Howdy! Welcome to one part of Young Adult Voices, a network of places and web-places where young adults in the church can share their thoughts, hear from others and make themselves heard. We invite your contributions at any time, but the high traffic moments will be during festivals, gatherings and special moments in the life of the church, like General Convention 2009. We'll be gathering submissions all through the festival, July 9-14, from participants, observers and deputies, so check in early and often and hear what young adults are saying. And, hey, if you can't be there but want to hear about something, send a message or a comment and we'll find someone to explore and report back. See you in Anaheim!