Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Resource

Howdy! Welcome to one part of Young Adult Voices, a network of places and web-places where young adults in the church can share their thoughts, hear from others and make themselves heard. We invite your contributions at any time, but the high traffic moments will be during festivals, gatherings and special moments in the life of the church, like General Convention 2009. We'll be gathering submissions all through the festival, July 9-14, from participants, observers and deputies, so check in early and often and hear what young adults are saying. And, hey, if you can't be there but want to hear about something, send a message or a comment and we'll find someone to explore and report back. See you in Anaheim!

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  1. Greetings true believers...My name is Shawn, Young Adult rep from the Diocese of Los Angeles, and design team member for the Young Adult Festival at General Convention. Try saying that five times fast. I was fortunate to have been brought into this group and to work behind the scenes to make an event like this happen. I am excited to be a part of it. I have never really participated in an even of this caliber. It is always interesting to meet other Episcopalians of various backgrounds that are the same age as I am. It seemed harder to do when I was a teenager but as a young adult there is pretty strong community. I am still not quite sure what my path is within the church but who knows may be I can find it here.